British Muslims and Covid-19 workshop

The Centre held a workshop on British Muslims’ response to Covid19 on 2nd August in general with special focus on Muslim woman in particular. The workshop was moderated by: Dr. Islam Uddin. The contributors represented different Muslim organisations and institutions in the UK.

The workshop was divided into two sessions, as follows:

1st session started at 10:00 and finished 12:30

This session started with Dr. Nehad Khanfar introducing the centre and its work in past, present, and future programs.
Then participants discussed the issues related to Muslim Communities and their response to the Cov19 pandemic and its impacts on Muslim life from different aspects. The workshop aimed to address Muslim communities’ experiences throughout the crisis. Therefore, Collective and individual efforts aimed at mitigating the effects of the pandemic will be part of the discussion.

Consequently, it did discuss success stories, cultural and religious factors, Muslim organizations’ involvement/programs in the efforts—Muslims engagement in helping the community in general and Muslims’ in particular, in future crises.

2nd session started 13:00 and finished 15:00

This session intended to put specific focus on the issues of Muslim women during the pandemic and its related effects. It did shed light on the individual and collective experiences, success stories, and difficulties faced by women in Muslim communities. Muslim women’s contribution and involvement. It addressed the role of Muslim Women’s organizations in mitigating the effects of the crises. The overall situation of Muslim women throughout the crises was also discussed.

The conclusions and recommendations will be published sometime later as part of Centre’s annual report on Islam and Muslims in Britain.

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