Center for Arab Policy Progress - London

The Center for Arab Progress is an independent, non-profit, research institute that aims at developing critical thinking using the academics efforts in place. It is especially focused on shaping and communicating a balanced position on the issues concerning the Middle East, the Arabs and Islamic communities of the West.

The Center was initiated by Arab researchers and academics in Britain and the Arab region, as a platform that encourages all new analysis on Arab and Muslim issues in the West as well as the Middle East in general. This initiative seeks to be away from any political and ideological agendas.

The Center mainly targets social, cultural and political issues of the Arab and Muslim minorities living in the West. Thus, it is contributing to preserving their identity as ethnic minorities and encouraging their positive expansion in European societies.

The Center also covers regional and international policies impacting Arab and Palestinian issues through the publication of policy papers. These policy papers utilize research and academic studies, and contribute to a continuous dialogue between specialists in the political and intellectual fields. It is based on values governed by professionalism, objectivity, scientific approach, and progressive thinking that interacts with the latest contemporary developments in the field.

To achieve these goals, the Center seeks to be an ongoing platform for Arab and foreign researchers and scholars, as well as activists in various fields through:

  • Publishing and disseminating policy papers that assess the situation of various Arab and Islamic issues, depending on reliable sources.
  • Holding scientific conferences, specialized workshops and seminars, with the participation of Arab, British and European specialists.
  • Networking with policy centers in Britain and Europe
The Center is open to contributions from interested scholars that explore the following issues:
  • Islam and Muslims in the West
  • Arab institutions in Britain
  • Islamic institutions in Britain
  • Problems of identity and integration
  • Arab and Islamic schools; from maintaining identity to encouraging isolation and extremism
  • Lobbying and lobbying groups in Britain; the Zionist lobby and the Arab lobby
  • The development of informal Palestinian work in Britain, communities, centers and institutions
  • Arab cultural work in Britain, centers, institutions, festivals and cultural events
  • Arab financial investments in Britain; the benefits of the present and future risks
  • The intellectual and political transformations of Hamas; between strategic and tactical activities in Europe
  • Britain’s exit from the European Union, and its impact on the Arab and Muslim communities
  • The right-wing and extremist movements in the West and the prospects for continued Arab migration to Europe
  • The waves of Arab migration to Europe after the Arab Spring, analysis in the social structure distribution and the impact on the future
  • Arab and Muslim women in the West, between marginalization and excellence
  • Internal Arab conflicts and their impact on Arab and Muslim communities in Britain and the West